Fire Code Re-Inspection Fee Notice

Due to an excessive amount of inspections that require more than one re-inspection it has become necessary to assess a fee after the 2nd re-inspection (this includes appointment no-shows).

Ohio Fire Code 112.3 Fire safety inspection fees:  The fire marshal shall require fire safety inspection fees for all other inspections as follows: (b) Re-inspection fee of fifty dollars.  (c) Subsequent Re-inspection fees of fifty dollars per re-inspection.

There is no charge for your annual inspection, 1ST re-inspection or 2nd re-inspection.3rd Re-inspection – Fee: $50.00 X # of buildings = 3rd re-inspection fee.

[Subsequent re-inspection fees are increased in fifty dollar increments.]

4th Re-inspection – Fee: $100.00 X # of buildings = 4th re-inspection fee.

5th Re-inspection – Fee: $150.00 X # of buildings = 5th re-inspection fee.

The Plain Township Board of Trustees is authorized to establish by Resolution, at any regular public meeting, a schedule of fees, rates and charges for the administering of State Construction Code Act.  The Township Board shall further have the right to amend the aforementioned Resolution from time to time within the foregoing of reasonableness.  Resolution adopted 03/01/0

All fees will be due on the date of re-inspection (unless prior arrangements have been made) there are no exceptions.  All checks will be payable to Plain Township Fire Department.