Roads & Maintenance

The Maintenance Department is responsible for a variety of duties. They maintain the grounds of the Plain Township Fire Department, Plain Township Aquatic Center, Plain Township Offices, the Historical Society, and the Maplewood and Smith Cemeteries.

The maintenance personnel is responsible to repair or replace culverts, patch roads, set up meeting rooms, help with opening and closing of the Aquatic Center and to paint Township buildings both interior and exterior.

During the winter months, they remove snow and ice and salt the Township roads. In addition, they perform routine maintenance on all equipment and prepare equipment for the next season.

In addition to maintaining the cemetery grounds, our maintenance crew is responsible for handling burials.   To obtain additional information about cemetery lots, burials, openings and closings, rules and regulations, click on Maplewood Cemetery.

Dead Animal Removal

Plain Township maintenance personnel will remove dead animals in the Township roads rights-of-way. Plain Township is responsible for and maintains the following roads: Alice, Jennette, Bevelhymer (north of New Albany City limits), Wilbur, Walnut Street east of Rte. 62, first quarter mile of Tippet Road west of Route 62, Clouse, Avis, Pine Meadows and Albany View.

Please call Franklin County at (614)-471-4657 to report dead animals in rights-of-way of County roads within Plain Township. For State roads rights-of-way (State Route 605 and State Route 62) within Plain Township, call (614) 387-2525 to report dead animals.

Refuse Collection

New residents in Plain Township who wish to sign up for refuse collection should call Rumpke at 1-800-828-8171. Their website is:

Residents receive a 10% or $1.00 (which ever is greater) Senior Citizen Discount starting at age 60. Just bring your Drivers License in to the Plain Township Office. For more information call the Plain Township Office at 855-7770.

The collection day for household waste, yard waste and recyclables is Thursday of each week. If a holiday falls during the week, the normally pick up one day late. If you have questions about the holiday schedule, you may call Rumpke or the Plain Township Office at (614) 855-7770.

Rumpke provides one red, recycling container per household, which may be picked up at the Township office. Containers are stored at another location, so please call the Township office to request a container and arrange a pick up date and time.


Plain Township Road Map and Jurisdictional Boundaries  (Click here to view)

DRAFT MORPC 2020 Regional Thoroughfare Plan 6-Dec-00 (Click here to view)