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Multi-Purpose ATV

The Plain Township Fire Department Multi-purpose ATV can function as a medical transport, as well as, a support vehicle to transport equipment for the Central Ohio Strike Team.

The unit was funded by a grant from Fire House Subs.

Fire Safety Education Trailer

Fire Safety Trailer

The Plain Township Trustees authorized the purchase of the fire safety house with help from the generous donations of the New Albany Realtors Association. The purchase of the mobile fire safety house provides our firefighters with a “mobile classroom” featuring home-like rooms and realistic hazards. This creates an environment that gives people of all ages the knowledge they need to not only prevent fires, but the steps to follow to safely escape a fire. Education is a powerful tool in fighting fires and saving lives and the Plain Township Fire Department has a long standing reputation of being proactive in fire prevention.

The programs that we use in our fire safety education lessons include home escape plans, fire safety precautions and instruction within the kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Lessons also include the proper way to report a fire to 9-1-1 and the appropriate safety steps when severe weather threatens, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, or earthquakes. Safety lessons include crawling low under smoke, exiting bedroom windows, the importance of functioning smoke alarms, and how to recognize fire hazards in the home.

In addition to fire safety lessons at our elementary and high schools, we have the ability to reach out to the entire community – to daycare facilities, churches, safety fairs, and community events.

For more information on the Fire Safety House contact Fire Marshal Terry Guthrie at 614.855.7370.

The smoking, heated door option reinforces the learning process with a realistic scenario of a fire blocking the exit.  This will teach people the importance of checking doors before exiting and stresses the importance of “Know Two Ways Out” and “Home Escape Plans”

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