Campus Fire Safety

The Plain Township Fire Department implores all parents and guardians to thoroughly investigate all on and off campus housing their students will be residing in when they move out on their own. Look and test smoke alarms, confirm that there are two ways out.

Campus Firewatch, Consumer Product Safety Commission, National Fire Protection Association and the United States Fire Administration have created an awareness campaign: See It Before You Sign It! Since, 2005 every college related fatal fire has happened in off-campus housing. Before you or anyone else signs a lease make sure there are working smoke alarms, and two ways out.

There are several organizations, websites, and videos dedicated to educating families about finding safe on and off campus housing. The following links provide more information on protecting the life of your child when they seek out independent housing.

Call the fire department in the community that responds to the property you are interested in renting. Inquire to see if they will do a home inspection to point out ways to make the living space safe or safer.

Click here for Campus Firewatch’s Off-campus housing fire safety checklist.

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