Mission Statement

Together, we save lives through education, engagement, and emergency services.


Together, we save lives through education, engagement, and emergency services.


A Community that is informed, connected, and safe.

Values: Courage

We do not hesitate in our response, and we fulfill our oath with passion and pride.

Values: Integrity

We operate with honesty and transparency.

Values: Compassion

We care for those with honesty and transparency.

Values: Equity

We ensure every employee has access to learning and development, and that everyone receives the same level of service.

Values: Professionalism

We adhere to the highest standards in the industry, train diligently, and work effectively to achieve the best outcomes.

Values: Connectedness

We celebrate and engage our community at events, in the schools, and throughout neighborhoods.


Contact Information

Plain Township Fire Department

9500 Johnstown Road
New Albany, Ohio 43054



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