The Knox Box

Fire departments across the country use the Knox System to prevent costly forced entry damage while protecting property and lives. Knox key boxes hold building entrance keys, electronic access cards and vital emergency information.

As the property owner, you purchase a Knox-Box device then mount it near your building entrance (preferably at the left side of the entrance) or property gate according to fire department guidelines. Firefighters use a unique high security Knox Master Key to open the Knox-Box device in their jurisdiction.

The most popular Knox-Box product and the one recommended by Plain Township Fire Department is the heavy-duty, high-security 3200 Series key box that stores keys, access cards and small items.

Note: It is recommended for new concrete or masonry construction, that you purchase a recessed Knox-Box with Recessed Mounting Kit (RMK). Holds up to 10 keys.

The Knox Boxes can be ordered online at