Zoning Commission Vacancy

The Plain Township Board of Trustees currently has a vacancy on the Zoning Commission and seeks to appoint at least 2 members to the board.

Plain Township residents interested in applying for these positions should submit a letter of interest and resume or statement of qualifications to mfee@plaintownship.org or by postal service to: Plain Township, P.O. Box 273, New Albany, OH 43054

About the Commission

The zoning commission is responsible for reviewing and making recommendations to the township trustees on applications to rezone land or change the text of the existing Zoning Resolution.

The zoning commission’s deliberations and ultimate recommendations are very important. Only the township trustees have the authority to actually approve a zoning change or text amendment. Although, the trustees must receive the zoning commission’s recommendation the trustees can accept, modify, deny or override the recommendation from the zoning commission by majority vote.

The Plain Township Zoning Commission consists of five members and one alternate member which are appointed by the township trustees. As required by Ohio Revised Code (ORC) §519, all members must be residents of the unincorporated area of Plain Township. Appointments for the member are five years, and the terms overlap. The alternate member is appointed to serve a one-year term.

Regular Meetings

The zoning commission meets the second Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. Meetings are held in-person at the Plain Township Fire Station. 9500 Johnstown Road, New Albany, OH 43054.

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