Rocky Fork Blacklick Accord Panel Opening

Plain Township has an opening on the Rocky Fork Blacklick Accord panel. The RFBA functions as an overlay district to guide development within the Rocky Fork and Blacklick Creek areas of historic Plain Township. Applications are heard from Columbus, New Albany and Plain Township. Most applications are from Columbus and New Albany. The RFBA accord was envisioned to help direct the type of development and density that would occur within historic Plain Township.

Here is a link to the RFBA page hosted by the City of Columbus where you can view the RFBA bylaws and land use map for reference. You can also view the RFBA plan document, meeting agendas, minutes, applications, etc.

RFBA appointments are for a term of 3 years, and members can serve up to 4 full terms. RFBA meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm. Interested individuals should submit a letter of interest and current resume or statement of qualifications to Township Administrator Ben Collins at .