Medic 122


Medic 122 is a 2003 International/Horton medium duty truck. M-122 is an Advanced Life Support Unit which is equipped with the most up to date emergency patient care equipment. Among the patient care equipment carried on M-122 is the Physio Control LifePak 12, C-Pap equipment and a CO poisoning detection kit. The medic is also equipped with an IVAC Mini Med IV pump for intravenous medications.

The medic crew is aided in finding addresses by the MECC MAP system on the trucks MDC. The mapping system was invented by a Plain Township Firefighter and is able to locate a patient’s home by typing in the address the unit is dispatched to.

The MDC is able to communicate with the department’s dispatchers as well as the Columbus Fire Department dispatchers. The MDC is also loaded with the MECC MAP system. This system shows street maps of Franklin County as well as hydrant locations.