Engine 122


Engine 122 is a 2002 HME – Central States rescue body. The truck carries 750 gallons of water and a 1500 g.p.m. Hale Q Max pump. The engine was recently upgraded and now is equipped with a CAFS foam system and carries 30 gallons of foam. The body was custom made by Central states and was fabricated with 12 gauge Stainless Steel. Engine Rescue 121 is powered by a 400 h.p. Cummins ISM engine. The cab of E/R 121 is aluminum and seats a crew of 4 firefighters. The engine can be ran on ALS responses and is equipped with a defibrillator as well as ACLS medications and airway equipment. E/R 121 also carries assorted other equipment such as airbags, Genesis rescue tools, Hi Lift jacks, and thermal imaging cameras.


Engine 122’s main hand lines are located in the front bumper. All discharges on E/R 121 are color coded. The hoses in the front cross lays are the same color as the handle for each hose. E/R carries 250 feet of 1 ¾ inch hose in each cross lay.