Ohio Homeland Security Safer Ohio App

To Report Suspicious Activity call 1-877-647-4683.

Ohio Homeland Security has released the free Safer Ohio App. Download the app from the Apple App store or the Google Play Store today.
If you see something, send something. Users can send reports or photos of suspicious activity to Ohio Homeland Security with their cell phone.
See Something Suspicious?
 Activities such as:
      Prolonged observation of security.
      Taking photos/video of security or infrastructure related items.
      Unusual stockpile of weapons or explosive material.
      Trespassing into a secure area.
      Soliciting funds for a suspicious charity or organization.
      Asking probing questions that go beyond mere curiosity.
      Purchasing or acquiring unusual types or amounts of potential dangerous material.
… or if you witness or have a sense that something is suspicious.

Ohio Homeland Security has also created a series of videos: 8 Signs of Terrorism

This is the first video in the series of eight. Click on this link to view the other seven: 8 Signs of Terrorism.