Podcast: The Survivors, the story of fire that the statistics won’t show you.

Every day seven people die from residential fires in the US, and another 13,000 are injured each year. These statistics, while important, are only a small piece of America’s complex residential fire problem.

There are ripple effects to fire that the statistics don’t explain and the nightly news rarely covers. Once a home’s flames have been extinguished and TV reporters have turned their gaze elsewhere, there are real people left in a fire’s wake. Who are these people? What is their new normal, now that their lives have been forever transitioned by tragedy? We are about to give you a powerful look at the lingering effects of fire in America.

The Survivors is a podcast series produced by the National Fire Protection Association underscoring the lingering effects of fire in America

NFPA: Fire Sprinkler Initiative

Feike and Noelle van Dijk’s sense of normalcy was shattered when a home fire killed two of their children in 2014. Three years after the incident, the family gives a rarely seen look at the lingering effects of American home fires, which claim seven people each day and injure 13,000 yearly. What’s discovered during a trip to their hometown is a family reminiscent of the past, but changed by their loss. 

Produced by the National Fire Protection Association in cooperation with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors. 

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